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    We continuously update our competition results database. Just added Luxembourg Open 2014 - WDSF Adult Ten Dance (Luxembourg - Mersch, 19 sep 2014) results.

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    Kommande event

    International Championships
    07 okt 2014,  England - Brentwood/London
    62nd International Championships (qualif. in Brentwood, Grand Finals in London)
    2014 Parinama Shanghai Open and WDC & WDC AL World Trophy and World Ranking Series
    01 nov 2014,  China - Shanghai
    2014 Parinama Shanghai Open

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    Turcsány Gergely

    Hungarian Championships
    Hungary - Budapest
    lördag, 15 feb 2014
    Peter Suba

    Hungarian Championships
    Hungary - Budapest
    lördag, 15 feb 2014

    Alassio Open 2014
    Italy - Alassio
    fredag, 27 jun 2014

    Ukrainian Championships 2008
    Ukraine - Kyiv
    lördag, 12 apr 2008