Results from Stars of the Future 2004 - Under21 Standard den 12 juni 2004
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Stars of the Future 2004
England - Brentwood den 12 juni 2004

Under21 Standard den 12 juni 2004


1  Alex Sindila & Katie Gleeson England
2  Pavels Borunovs & Bryony Fielding England
3  Mairold Millert & Alexandra Hixson England
4  James Forman & Hannah Davis England
5  Thomas Stopani & Gemma Miles England
6  Steven Woodward & Charlotte Cutler England
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  Ashley Bentham & Joanne Simmons England
  Jon Berg & Chantal Follett England
  Alyn Johnson & Elinor Howells Wales
  Daniel Moorcroft & Victoria Atkinson England
  James Moorcroft & Francesca Constable England
  Adam Potter & Nicole Watmough England

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{5} & {8}

{9} Couple, currently dancing for {10}